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JB Horse Stalls proudly supplies equestrians across the Uniteds States with top-quality Portable and Permanent Equine Housing Solutions.


Our story begins in 2016, when we began building Premium Horse Jumps near Sacramento, CA. Jonathan Berger founded our parent company

-                                     -

and along with the company, our success quickly grew. What started as one person in a garage has transformed into a team of 10 that gratefully produce some of the country's finest equestrian jumps for riders of all kinds across the United States. 

As our company grew, we saw an opportunity to again serve our industry by providing an entirely new product that all horse owners can use and appreciate - stalls. We quickly learned that this new endeavor would take us far past the Hunter-Jumper world we were used to and into the lives of equestrians of all kinds across the country. 

From Sacramento, CA, we serve our equestrian community by providing premium equine products that everyone can use and love. Each batch of our stalls is proudly made-to-order, so each client can get the exact features they are looking for without compromising. 

Please Message Us Today For a Quote. We Are Happy to Help! 

Finished Portable Horse Stalls at Night
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